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How much does it cost per square foot to build a home?

Although custom homes can vary significantly in finish details, most custom homes range from $165-$250 per square foot

How do I know if the builder's allowances are sufficient to purchase desired fixtures, appliances, etc.?

It is always recommended to first research the cost of the fixtures and appliances you have in mind. Then have the builder implement those figures into the budget and allowances.

How do I know if the builder's estimate is all inclusive and that I will not have multiple change orders inflating our contract price?

The more detailed a builder's estimate is, the less room for vague interpretations of the scope of work included in the estimate.

How long does it take to build a home?

A typical 2500 square foot home takes approximatley 60 days for plans, 60 days for permits and 150 days to construct

Can I shop my fixtures and appliances anywhere or do I need to go to the builder's vendors and suppliers directly?

You can shop for your finishes wherever you find the best deals suitable for your budget. However, we also can suggest our suppliers and vendors that we work closely with.

How do I get started designing my dream home?

The first step after finding your property to build on, is to contact an architect. We have architects we work with that we can suggest. You can also head over to our resource page and find an already completed plan on Architectural Designs. Find a plan closest to what you desire, and any changes you want to make we can do in house. This is the most cost efficient, quickest route.

Where do I go to get started designing the interior finishes of my home?

The best place to get started is by navigating through design magazines or websites to find themes and styles you find appealing. If you prefer personal advice and direction, we have designers to suggest. Head over to our Pinterest page to find insight on different styles and designs you may like.

Is there financing available out there for new construction homes and remodels?

We work with several financial institutions that approve new construction loans and 203k renovation loans for projects scaling from $30k to 1M+.

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